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Selecting Automation Technologies


The automation market has an ever-expanding and

wide-ranging capability of automation tools. This makes defining an automation strategy based on a single platform or vendor approach unfeasible. 


Our team of experts is trained in delivering automation solutions and programs using Intelligent Automation, Robotic Process Automation, End-to-End Process and Service Orchestration, OCR, Application Integration, Document collaboration, Digital workforce management, Text analytics and Task Mining.

Automation Catalyst methodologies combine

best-in-breed tools to attain the highest business value; augmenting the capabilities of multiple platforms, we push the productivity frontier.

Covering the widest spectrum of requirements, we focus on UiPath for UI-based RPA, Cortex Intelligent Automation for large volume/velocity process automation, and Microsoft Power Platform for Cloud orchestration or Microsoft ecosystem integration. This provides full depth of capabilities across the breadth of the automation landscape, as represented below. 

Why is this important?

We enable organisations to develop an automation strategy without compromising any business areas/units and broadening the scope of possible use cases. 

Our experience has shown that the highest business value automation initiatives are strategic in nature, augmented when necessary, by tactical solutions. 

A multi-platform approach ensures each automation initiative utilises the technologies with the highest fit-for-purpose. 

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