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Alignment Program

Delivered as a five-week program focusing on 4-6 business areas.


Transform with an Actionable Automation Plan 

We provide an overview of areas within your business, detailing their potential for automation and key information:  

  • Alignment to Your Objectives 

  • Key Technologies 

  • Key People 

  • IT/Security Requirements 

  • Previous Automation Initiatives 

  • Risks and How to Mitigate Them 


We formulate advice on where to automate first. Ensuring you get automating quickly, and that time, effort, and investment are not wasted on initiatives that do not provide you value. 


Minimize Risk and Maximise Automation Success. 

Our approach to automation uses practical engineering mindsets to drill down into the business areas within your organisation, assess them for automation eligibility, and enable you to achieve your business's objectives. 


 Engage our Practitioner Consultants 

As full life cycle automation specialists, our consultancy services create autonomous business operations involving a full spectrum of technologies. The Automation Alignment Program brings methodologies and knowledge that maximize any initiative's success. 

Connect with an Expert

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