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IT Operations

Having received a strategic mandate to ‘automate’, a Technical Design Sprint provided the methodology to ensure this became a successful reality. The Technical Design Sprint enabled the Client to assess current processes, systems, required integrations, and human touchpoints required to evolve to automated digital operations.

The engagement initially focused on use cases identified by the IT Operations Management Team including Billing Operations, Service Management Centre Operations, and CX for automation feasibility. These were also mapped to the automation objective to deliver improved efficiency and capacity within the IT Service Management Team.

Our engagement transitioned an operations team with no prior automation experience through to understanding the strategies and methodologies essential to prepare for an automation delivery program. Following the Technical Design Sprint, the processes successfully identified were automated and deployed to production.

By defining the automation roadmap as part of the Technical Design Sprint, common, re-usable automation capabilities were identified and created. These were then available for use by the following Automation Enablement Program, ensuring maximum efficiency in deployment and RoI of the automation.

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