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Independence Program 

A strategic engagement which has transitioned the Client from tactical, siloed automation initiatives, to achieving self-sufficiency and creation of a dedicated automation CoE.


Throughout the program concurrent project streams were managed; supporting the implementation strategy through to execution.

Autonomous digital operations have been realised in the form of Dark NOC capabilities, an outcome that delivers the business capabilities to develop new technical innovations alongside significant cost savings.

Across a highly complex, mission critical infrastructure, the strategies and methodologies to manage technology interfacing and integration capabilities have been implemented. In a highly technical environment this is essential to enable the Clients’ ability to own and maintain their automation. They are now skilled with the knowledge and approaches which takes them beyond ‘where to start’ to ‘how to stay automated’ whilst managing incremental infrastructure and business changes.

This has been key to achieving non-linear growth, through scalable, enterprise-grade automation solutions.

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