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Automation Design

A 2-3 Week Program for 6 Business Processes


Discover the Right Automation Candidates

Explore in technical detail the processes undertaken across your business, and produce proposals for automated processes. For each, we analyse the enablers, risks, and blockers along with the decision points, system integrations, and human interactions.


Bring Laser-Like, Technology Agnostic, Clarity to Your Processes 

Make the right calls and decide on viable automation candidates. Whether rationalising your current processes or formulating new ones, with us you can maximise return on investment, identify quick wins aligned with your business objectives and rapidly detect and exit doomed initiatives.


 Engage our Experienced Implementors

As full life cycle automation specialists, we have expert insights gained from decades of experience implementing the most complex level of automation. We understand the common risks and false assumptions that lead to failed initiatives, and are uniquely placed to help you avoid them, leading to high-value, rapidly automated processes. 

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