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Automation Catalyst Frameworks and Programs are designed to ensure the foundations for automation excellence are set. 

Automation Delivery 

Engage our skilled, hands-on Automation Engineering expertise to supplement your automation capabilities or extend your automation team.  We work with clients to deliver projects addressing market challenges for those in need of specific technical skills, to fill knowledge gaps, or provide additional resources to accelerate your project. 

Business Value Assessment Prepare your foundations for automation 

This provides you with quantifiable insights to enable you to formulate an implementation strategy to maximize your return on investment from automation. We evaluate your business process maturity and automation potential, using new or existing automation technologies, to propose an automation excellence framework.

Delivered as a five-day program, including two onsite, we present a focused report providing a clear picture of your current state together with the initial targets, foundation strategies, and next steps to optimise and accelerate continuous process automation success. 

Automation Alignment Program  - Translate business objectives into an actionable automation plan

This enables you to direct your resources to the most suitable candidate processes for continuous automation success, optimising existing technologies and skills. It formulates an actionable plan for management strategies, process candidates, and suitable technologies aligned to your 6-12 months end objectives.

Delivered as a 4-6-week program, we will present a detailed analysis that identifies the best return on investment for specific business areas. We provide a matrix showing the objectives alignment, risk analysis, feasibility, and overall knowledge of the covered business areas.

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Design Sprint

This is a deep analysis, validation, and solutioning of the proposed uses cases including: 

  • Process owner workshops

  • Policy and governance analysis

  • Technology assessments, and integration potential

  • Automation design, and validation

Delivered as a 2-3-week program you will have a prioritised ‘Do now, Do next, Do Later’ RAG roadmap, a fixed delivery plan, and operational strategy to optimise success. The roadmap identifies use cases that are immediate candidates for automation delivering the quickest ROI based on their suitability, alignment to objectives, and success criteria.

Enablement Programs

We deliver fixed term enablement programs to implement process automation or enable self-sufficiency of your organisation’s automation CoE. These programs focus on developing operational strategies to stay automated in the face of business, technological, and market change. 

Starting with a fixed 3-month delivery program where we are in the driving seat and can either complete the program independently or as a lead to your teams.

We also deliver 3, 6, and 9-month programs designed to enable self-sufficiency. Our Foundation, Advanced, and Independence programs include delivery of projects instilling technology independent best practices in strategies and methods for automation success.

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