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Advanced Enablement Program

Embed Agile Delivery Best Practices and Frameworks for Success

An Advanced Enablement Program accelerated automation initiatives which had been deployed a year previously.

The core objectives were to extend existing automation capabilities to automate end-to-end processes alongside enabling the client’s automation team. Self-sufficiency in evolving and maintaining operational automation was the end goal. Enabling the team with the skills and knowledge to avoid automation silos and the ability to expand horizontally across all network operations was critical to achieving this.

Within the Enablement Program, Technical Design Sprints and supported development enabled the client to achieve the automation skills, capabilities and understanding of the strategies and methodologies required. The Client’s team is now self-sufficient with the ability to strategically assess candidate process feasibility and prioritisation based on the highest business value.


The strategies and frameworks put in place enable early identification of risks and dependencies and related planning considerations essential for the successful delivery of automation.

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