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Automation Catalyst
Implementation and Execution Experts
Automation, Analytics, and AI

Rapid Speed of Delivery


Optimal Mix of Ease and Speed of Deployment

Achieve Early Success

Minimising Risk

  • People and Process First

  • Identify Critical Components for Success

  • Save Time and Effort

Self-Sufficient Automation

  • Own Your Automation

  • Automation is in Your Businesses DNA

  • Maximum Momentum and Growth

Maximising Value

  • Technology Agnostic

  • Recommending Best-of-Breed Solutions

  • Focussed ROI

Wherever you are on your automation journey we navigate, support, and accelerate your delivery


Business People

“We were losing our legacy systems skills, now we keep up with demand”

Service Manager

“We increased our capacity so much we now handle one of our suppliers’ orders too”

Program Lead

“I no longer have to worry about late night call outs to address simple fault resolutions, the impact on my work life balance has been significant”

Network Engineer

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